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Medical Employment Contract Review & Legal Services

Afferent offers employment contract review for physicians and medical professionals by an experienced U.S. healthcare attorney at up to 50% off standard market rates. Having a healthcare attorney who can help you understand all the fine print is vital to protecting your interests.

Consulting with an attorney also helps you understand items in your contract that may be negotiable—and those that typically are not— even in “standard” contracts.

Other Legal Services

Afferent also can assist with a host of professional legal services physicians and medical professionals may need to engage at various times throughout their careers.

  • Setting up legal structures for asset protection
  • Framework for a new practice
  • New and updated partnership agreements
  • A host of other professional and personal legal services

Protect Yourself

Whether it’s a discounted contract review or any other legal need, the Afferent legal team is here for medical professionals and their families. Get started now or call 979.820.4640 to let us know how we can help.

Discounted Tax Preparation for Medical Professionals

Afferent offers discounted tax accounting services for busy healthcare professionals. We offer solutions for both simple and complex tax returns. We utilize experienced certified public accountants (CPAs) to help to maximize potential deductions commonly overlooked by healthcare professionals.

Don’t Miss a Deduction

Afferent accounting services can help ease your annual tax filings and make the most of your return. Get started now or call 979.820.4640 to find your best accounting option.

Investment Advisory Services are offered through Afferent Investments, LLC., an SEC registered investment advisor. The firm only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. SEC registration is not an endorsement of the firm by the Commission and does not mean that the advisor has attained specific level of skill or ability.

Employees of Afferent Provider Solutions, LLC and Afferent Insurance Services, LLC only conduct business with residents of states and jurisdictions in which they are legally licensed and registered. Information and services noted on this website may differ from state to state. Our Privacy Policy discusses how we handle and use your personal information.

Afferent Provider Solutions and associated companies are not a law firm or an accounting firm, and the employees are not acting as your attorney or tax accounting advisor. Services provided by Afferent Provider Solutions and associated companies cannot take the place of an attorney or CPA’s advice. Use of services provided by Afferent Provider Solutions and associated companies are not indicative of an attorney-client or tax accounting advisor relationship with Afferent Provider Solutions or any of its employees. Legal and tax services are provided directly by qualified healthcare attorneys and tax accountants through partnerships.

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