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Afferent Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance can protect your family, act as a savings vehicle and offer protection from creditors.

Afferent knows that the most important part of selecting a life insurance plan is being confident that it will be there to take care of your family in the event of tragedy.

However, given the risk of litigation and creditor exposure medical professionals face, Afferent helps providers explore plans that also offer creditor protection. The plans may protect cash value, offer living benefits and play an important role in your overall financial portfolio.

Depending on your age and career stage, Afferent can recommend the right plan to fit the needs of you and your family.

A Layered Approach to Life Insurance

A basic term life plan is often a good place to start the insurance planning process. But most medical professionals should also consider a cash value plan.

  • A cash value life insurance plan, like a term life policy, also pays out a set death benefit should the policyholder pass unexpectedly.
  • Unlike a term life plan, it never expires, functioning as a savings and investment vehicle that you also can access while you’re still living for down payments, children’s education or supplement your retirement.
  • Cash withdrawal may be tax-free!
  • Certain cash value life insurance plans may be shielded from creditors in the event of legal proceedings (depending on the state).

Protect Your Most Precious Assets

A licensed Afferent insurance specialist can help you design a life insurance plan that’s right for you and your family and provide a free quote. Get started now or call 979.820.4640.

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